Connect With a Physician, No Call Required

Three Easy Steps Connect You to an Urgent Care Doctor Almost Immediately.

Get Started with the Intellivisit App Now.

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STEP 1: Download the Intellivisit App

The Intellivisit App will allow you to reach a doctor with your urgent care and minor care questions and concerns without having to make a call. Download the app now using these links:

Download Intellivisit for IOS
Download the App for Android
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STEP 2: Create Your Profile

Add your information to the Intellivisit App so your doctor has as much detail as possible. Don’t worry – it’s safe and secure! 

The app will guide you through a series of questions that will be stored in your profile to make it simple for you and for the physician who answers your message.

What does it cost? Visit prices vary by geography, but will never cost more than $45. Even better, your visit is FREE if your local doctor thinks you need to see someone in person. 


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Step 3: Connect With A Physician at Wilson Wildlife Health and Wellness

The Intellivisit virtual healthcare app guides you through a personalized interview that a Wilson Wildlife Health and Wellness Doctor who will review your answers to create a treatment plan.

No virtual waiting rooms, no holding a camera up in front of your face to video chat with a stranger, and no need to find a quiet or private place to describe your symptoms.

Receive a diagnosis, treatment plan, and e-prescription when appropriate from a Wilson Wildlife Health and Wellness Doctor without any disruption to your day.